Monday, September 19, 2016

The Weekend That Was

Sometimes, in the simplest of things, we find the greatest joy. 

Last weekend was wonderful not only for hubby and me (as a couple) but also for the family.  It was nothing grand, but making happy memories need not be expensive.  Indeed, one does not have to spend so much to be happy.  

After work last Friday, Hubby took me out for dinner and a few drinks. He discovered a very nice restobar near our home.  It has become our new happy place. The food's good and affordable, plus we still get our dose of "Friday madness" music / songs. Sabi nga namin, cost efficient talaga ang lugar na 'yun. Promise. Tapos ang lapit sa bahay. Winner talaga. :) 

Here is a picture of us during our Fridate. 

Early morning of the following day, hubby, our little princess and I went out early to buy pandesal. It's a weekend morning routine that started when Kuya Mako was still a baby.  It was his (and now Mika's) early morning pasyal. Though simple, hubby and I treasure these early morning trips.  We want our babies to have happy memories about us and early morning drives during weekends to buy pandesal.  

We stayed at home for the rest of the day because Hubby had to work on his thesis and I had to help Kuya Mako prepare for his long exams. In the afternoon, I took our little kuya and little princess out for a walk around our subdivision after merienda.  They were so happy!  I never thought they would enjoy that simple pasyal around our subdivision.  Humabol din si Kuya Miko, our panganay. Although sandali lang yung pasyal, it was a special time for me, my little darlings and my panganay. We had so much fun that I told myself uulitin namin ito.  I felt we bonded during that walk, kahit saglit lang. 

We heard mass at the Our Lady of Fatima National Shrine the following day. We made it to the 10am mass (in fact, we were even early) after dropping Kuya Maki off at SM Valenzuela.  He had a school activity that's why he wasn't able to come with us. While we were at the church, I realized it has been a while since we last heard mass.  I felt guilty, as a Catholic and a mother.  I promised myself we'll try harder and plan our Sunday (or weekend) schedule such that hearing mass does not get bumped off. 

After mass, hubby brought P50-toys for our two darlings. Ay naku, tuwang-tuwa ang dalawang bata! :) It really felt good to see your kids finding joy even in the simplest of things. They are not hard to please at all! Basta magkasama kami at kahit simpleng laruan, masayang-masaya na sila! :) 

We had lunch at Greenwich (Valenzuela Town Center).  Dahil konti lang ang tao, we enjoyed our lunch. :) Pagkatapos namin kumain, the little ones asked if they can try the rides. Sa halagang P50, we were able to buy 13 tokens (may 10 + 3 promo). Sa halagang P50, tuwang-tuwa na naman ang mga bagets! 

We picked Kuya Maki up at SM Valenzuela after.  We went to National Bookstore so I can buy gift wrappers for a birthday party we will be attending on Sunday.  Daddy bought his little princess a tiara and wand for only P60. The little princess also requested for a Sofia the First Coloring Book and crayons. Kuya Mako got a Superman book. 

We all went home happy.  Kahit simple lang ang weekend namin, masaya kami because we were together as a family.  Yan naman ang mahalaga di ba? 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


It's Friday... finally.  

I have been looking forward to the weekend since the start of the work week.  No big plans for the weekend, though.  We'll just be at home on Saturday because hubby is still working on his thesis and our little kuya has to study for his long tests.  On Sunday, we'll hear mass and have our family lunch out.  No matter how simple, I still look forward to family time.  I am happiest when I am with my husband and my children.  They are my ultimate stress relievers, my elixir, my true north. 

I pray that the coming weekend will be peaceful, stress-free, fun and happy for me, hubby and our children.  I pray that we create more happy memories as a couple and as a family. 

I love my family.  I love my husband.  I love my children.  They are God's greatest gift to me.  I am posting a more recent family picture.  This was taken last May 21, Hubby's birthday.  Look, they're big boys na! And look at our cute, little princess! :) 

Our eldest is already 18 years old. Hubby and I are so proud of him because he passed the UPCAT and he is currently a sophomore at UP Diliman. Achievement unlocked for me and Hubby! :) 

Our second Kuya will turn 16 on the 27th.  He is a student of Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science (formerly known as Valenzuela City Science High School)... which makes me and Hubby very proud, too! We're keeping our fingers crossed and praying that he'll eventually be an Isko like his kuya. 

Our third and little Kuya just turned 8 last Sept. 2.  This little guy is another achiever in the family. He consistently ranked first in his class and batch since he started school.  Recently, results of his first quarter exams came out and we were all very happy to know that he got perfect scores in all of his subjects! 

Our little princess turned 3 last Sept. 4.  She is the family's all-around performer. She loves dancing and singing for us.  She is the family's bundle of joy.  Our little sunshine. We all forget about our worries when we come home to her.  

So, you see, I have every reason to look forward to the weekend.  I thank God the most for the gift of a loving husband and wonderful children.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Our Little Princess

It has been three years since I last posted on this mommy blog.  So many things have happened and the most wonderful of all is that... we now have our little princess!

Born last September 4, 2013.  Our little Marianne.  Our Princess Mika.  Our answered prayer.

So, now, I am a mommy of three boys and a girl.  I have a loving husband.  I could not ask for more!

More stories about my boys and princess in my next post.