Thursday, August 2, 2012


I love these pictures of me and the love of my life...

Hubby and me, one fine day!
14 years of marriage and this man still makes me feel like a high school girl being courted by her crushie! :)

He takes me out on Friday nights.
He makes sure we have hubby-and-wife time despite the many things we have to attend to as mom and dad of our three boys.
He drives me to and from work every single day.
He gives me flowers... delivered to my office with handwritten love notes. He writes well, by the way, so these notes may be short but they can really elicit "kilig!"
He never forgets to say I love you every single day.
He kisses me a lot. No, we kiss each other a lot. Haha!

I thank God for this gift of a happy marriage and I pray (every night) that we remain strong, happy and in love with each other.

Another Rainy Day

I usually love rainy days. I find myself more productive during rainy days. I think better, I work faster and I am usually in a better mood. Pero this week, nauumay na ako sa ulan. My gulay, it started last Sunday pa yata. Isang linggong pag-ibig na, mga atey! Nasasayang na ang gym membership ko at sirang-sira na rin ang diet ko (I forgot to mention that I also tend to eat more during rainy days. Hihi!).

I pray for better weather next week... I really need to go to the gym. I have a 10-km run next Sunday. Haaay.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More About "K" (My Amazing Kindle)

It has been a little over a week after I got my Kindle. What can I say? I have no regrets at all that I got K. Look at her after one week of being with me.

My favorite thing!
I bought a black leather cover and screen protector for my beloved K. She looks really nice in her new "home." Hubby also bought a booklight for me so I can read in the evening after they turn the lights off. Bliss!

Well, I have to admit I have been staying up late in the evening because of my reading. I promise myself I'll set and follow a reading schedule so that I won't be sacrificing sleep and rest over reading anymore.

Anyway, after a week with K:

(1) I am still loving her E-ink display! It really feels like you're reading an actual book. Even my boys were amazed when they looked at K's display.

(2) I am very much impressed with her battery life. When I got her last week, she had an initial factory charge... I read almost everyday for at least an hour and a week after, I still do not need to recharge her battery. Awesome! In this day and age when people usually charge their cellphones almost everyday (especially those hi-tech touchscreen phones), K is a treasure!

(3) I was able to store over 200 ebooks and did not see any sign of slow down on K's end. Amazing!

Kindle is a very good investment for voracious readers like me. I'll tell you a secret... I read 3 books already since the day I got K. Hihi. :)

Favorite Shades

I love these shades. Whenever I buy stuff for myself (clothes, bags, shoes, etc), I am usually more inclined to getting the items in these shades...

Lovely, right?

Study Time

Mako loves to study. Oh yes, he does! He enjoys answering Math exercises. He listens eagerly when I teach him new letter sounds (he knows the alphabet and already sings the alphabet song clearly and without mistake) and lately, he has been giving signs that he wants to learn how to read already.

Hubby and I are, of course, delighted. We beam with pride and lovingly give each other our usual anak-talaga-natin-to and we-did-a-great-job looks everytime we see how smart our boys are. Yes, all three of them. Haha! #proudmommy

This is how much my little boy loves studying:

(1) Everytime he throws a tantrum, I would manage it by saying, "If you stop crying now, we'll go up our room and study." And guess what? It works! Haha! Mommy's magic. :)

(2) I usually stay up late during Friday nights because I read hanggang antukin knowing that I can sleep until late morning the following day. Saturday 6am - I hear Mako whispering, "Mommy? Mommy, pwede na ba tayo mag-aral?"  That scene also has a Sunday morning replay.

(3) I usually spend my Saturday afternoons helping Mako with his assignments and giving him a review of his lessons during the week. This usually takes about 1-2 hours only because the little guy knows his lessons very well (proud mom again!). Because of that, his assignments are usually a breeze for him. When we're done, he would, in his very cute and irresistible way, ask me, "Mommy, gusto ko pa aral. Pwedeng aral pa tayo?" This is why I buy workbooks for my little guy... so he can answer more Math and English exercises because he reallly, really loves to study.

My little boy happily working on his writing exercises
I wish the little guy's love for learning will continue to flourish even after college. I believe we should always have the eagerness to learn new things.

For now, I'm happy to see that he loves going to school. I love listening to him talk about the things he learned from his teacher that day. I love hearing him sing the songs he learned in school.

I am one happy and proud Mom!