Thursday, April 26, 2012

Before You Officially Become A Pre-schooler

My Dearest Mako,

How time flies! Parang kelan lang, I was still breastfeeding you. It seems like yesterday when I would pump every three hours or so at the office so I can bring home breastmilk for you. It seems like yesterday when Daddy and I would teach you basic things like close-open and where's the light. Parang kelan lang, anak, beybing-baby ka pa. 

Now, look at you. You're Mommy's little boy now. Tomorrow, you will take your entrance exam. This June, you will start pre-school. Ambilis, anak. Mommy has mixed emotions.

I am a little sad because you are growing up really fast. Baka hindi ko mamalayan, may girlfriend ka na. Haha. OA si Mommy. But seriously, when I look at you and your Kuyas, I can't help but wish that somehow, Daddy and I have provided well for you... given you a comfortable life and happy childhood. Daddy and I love you and your kuyas very much and we will do our best to give you a bright future.

I am also excited because you will be starting a new phase in your life. I know you are very smart like your kuyas. I know you will also do well in school. I also look forward to seeing you meet new friends in school. Don't worry, anak, Daddy and Mommy will always be here for you. Tingin ka lang sa likod, nandyan kami ni Daddy... always supporting you and ready to help you.

Pero bago 'yan, galingan mo muna sa entrance exam bukas ha? Haha! 'Wag mahiya at matakot. I know the exam will be very easy for you because Mommy already taught you things hanggang pang-Preparatory level. Hahaha. Ang pinakabalakid na lang natin ay ang pagiging sobrang mahiyain mo. But I know that eventually you'll warm up and enjoy going to school and being with your teachers and classmates.

I love you, my dearest Mako. I love you very, very much.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This One's For Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I'm sorry we weren't able to stay longer when we visited you last week. Manoy Joji and I wanted to but we really had to go back to Manila because of our work and our family. Thank you for understanding.

When I saw you at the hospital bed last week looking very weak, I felt like crying. Hindi ako sanay, Dad. I have always remembered you as someone very fit, healthy, and strong. Maybe you really didn't want us to see you sick and weak kaya you kept on insisting that you were okay (even if you weren't) and that we didn't need to fly home (when we really needed to). But it's okay to be weak, every now and then, Dad. I have come to realize that now, after 33 years of my existence. You don't have to be Superman all the time for us, Dad.

I will always be here for you. Alam ko Manoy Joji feels the same way. Please don't ever think na makakaistorbo ka sa amin and that you would be a burden to us. You have raised us well. We will take care of you and Mommy. We will always be here for you.

Thank you, Dad, for everything. You have taught me so many things. They weren't really "fun" then but now I am grateful that you have been very patient with me because now I understand and appreciate all the words of wisdom and discipline you have imparted to me.

I will always be your little girl and you will always have a special place in my heart.

I love you, Dad.


Why I Have Been MIA

                                                                                   My Daddy and my baby Mako

I know it has been awhile since my last post. I have lots of things on my mind to write about but I haven't had the chance to these past few days. Here's why...

Sunday (Apr 15) - My cousin sent me a message through Facebook informing me that my Dad was rushed to the hopital because he collapsed. I also got an early morning text message from my older brother telling me the same thing. I immediately called home to ask how Dad was doing. The information I got were: very high fever (40C above) with chills, high blood pressure, and severe UTI.

My brother and I agreed that since Dad was already in the hospital, the infection would be taken cared of via antibiotics. So I just checked on Dad from time to time thinking that he'll be okay. By the way, my Daddy is based in Roxas City (Region VI), our hometown. To get there, one has to either ride a plane or a ship.

For the nth time, I wished limang kendeng lang Roxas City na.

Monday (Apr 16) - Dad was still having high fever with chills. Hindi daw siya makakilala ng tao kapag mataas na mataas ang lagnat niya. Another additional diagnosis was pneumonia.

Side story: My Dad is an accountant... a very smart and hardworking one. Workaholic talaga si Dad. One important rule he always taught me even when I was in school was to always make sure that deadlines are met. At kailangan, maganda/maayos ang gawa mo...something you can be proud of. 'Yung hindi mo ikakahiya.

Anyway, back to what happened last April 16... I found out that Dad has been working really hard these past few weeks because of the tax season. So hard that he didn't get enough rest despite having fever. Ganyan ka-workaholic ang tatay ko. Because of this, fatigue and stress were also considered culprits for Dad's condition.

I was getting worried about Dad but I kept reminding myself that it has only been one day since his confinement and perhaps the medicines haven't kicked in yet that's why he was still having fever and high blood pressure.

Tuesday (Apr 17) - I called home again and found out that they still did not see any improvement. Dad was still having high-grade fever (40C above) with chills. Nagdedeliryo pa rin everytime he has fever. His blood pressure was still high. I was also informed that his doctor asked for kidney ultrasound to check Dad's kidneys because he was complaining of sharp lower back pain.

I was getting very worried and wanted to fly home to Roxas but my brother and I agreed to wait for the results of the ultrasound before deciding if we need to fly home. Mahal kasi ang airfare kapag malapit na ang travel date plus we both have very busy schedules at work and it was the baptism of my brother's daughter that coming Sunday (Apr 22).

I asked my cousin in Roxas to check on my Dad and get all information she can get from the nurses and the doctors. We have been asking for the doctor's number so we can call him and talk to him directly about my Dad's condition but somehow, we couldn't reach the doctor.

Later, my cousin texted me the information she got from the nurses looking after my Dad - high-grade fever with chills, pneumonia, severe UTI, high pus cells, left kidney has stone, right kidney okay, prostate glands inflamed, high blood pressure, and high fbs. She also felt that we perhaps we need to talk personally to the doctor about my Dad's condition because he didn't look well when she visited.

That was it. I knew I had to go home to see my Dad. You see, my Mom and my younger brother are now living in the US. My kuya and I are here in Manila. Noone is there to look after my Dad. I just had to come home.

I composed myself and talked to my boss about my Dad's condition and my need to file for emergency leave for the rest of the week so I can fly home and take care of my Dad. I was very thankful when my request was granted.

My kuya also decided to go with me. That night, he got us tickets to Roxas City.

I flew to Roxas City last Wednesday (Apr 18) and stayed there until Saturday (Apr 21). I have nothing much to talk about the trip because we mostly stayed in the hospital looking after Daddy.

The following day (Apr 22 - Sun), we attended the christening of my very cute niece, Maya Andrea.

Then Monday came and I became doubly busy because I had a lot of catching up to do at work.

So now you know why I have been missing-in-action (MIA).

As of this writing, my Dad is already recovering at home. I think he just waited for me and my kuya to go back to Manila before insisting to go home. Last time we talked, he admitted that the doctor only agreed to let him go home provided that a nurse will check on him from time to time and inject his medicines. Haynaku, Daddy.

I continue to pray for Dad's recovery. I still wish na sana limang kendeng lang, Roxas City na.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer Lessons for Beginners

Our little boy will start preschool this coming school year. He's our little shy guy so Hubby and I decided it would be best for him to take summer classes for beginners to prepare him for school.

We enrolled him at St. Mary's Angels College (where his kuyas went for preschool and elementary education). We were one of the early birds who signed up for the lessons, hence were able to avail of the limited free slots. Normally, one would pay P850 for the entire program (13 sessions). Very affordable pa rin! :)

Anyway, I didn't take a leave off from work to be with him on his first day. Bad mommy ba? No naman. My little guy is 1,000x more maarte when I am around. Last year, he didn't want me to leave the room. He didn't even want to take his seat. Gusto niya kandong siya sa akin. Hanuba. Fail talaga. So this year, I decided to let him go with his Ate Ging. I talked to him last night about going to school and agreed naman that his Ate Ging will be taking him to school but won't be allowed inside the classroom. Instead, she will be waiting for him outside. Oo naman daw. Tingnan natin later. Haha. #fingerscrossed

Here's a picture of Mako's uniform. :)

This one naman is the apron (or whatever you call it) which he will use during art sessions. Nakakaloka lang because of all colors, pink pa yung napunta sa amin. Buti na lang his cousin got a red one. Makikipagpalit na lang kami, bilang girl naman yung cousin niya.

Summer Lessons for Beginners start today and will end on April 27 (Friday). Classes are grouped according to age (2s class, 3s class, etc). The kids have their official shirt which you can buy along with the Summer Kit for only P350. The kit contains the official shirt, apron and all other school supplies the kids will use during the course. :)

Mako's Favorite Pose

This is Mako's current favorite pose. Hubby and I do not know who taught him that basta everytime we take pictures of the lil guy, automatic ang kamay niyang naggaganyan. Haha! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Health

During younger years, kapag ang wish for you ay good health parang ang baduy 'di ba? Ngayon, I really really appreciate it if people wish and pray that I be blessed with good health. At isa na rin ako sa mga laging nagwi-wish for good health sa mga friends and relatives on their birthdays and other occasions. Deadma kung iisipin ding baduy ng mga kabataan ngayon. Alam kong pagdating ng araw, maiintindihan nila ako.

Totoo palang ang kalusugan ang tunay na kayamanan ng isang tao. My 33-year old self knows that now. Ako na ang praning sa mga sakit-sakit. Ako na ang super natatakot tuwing nakakakita ng mga feature sa TV tungkol sa mga taong may malubha or kakaibang sakit. Scared talaga ako, mga 'te, magkasakit at mamatay nang maliliit pa ang mga anak ko. Sino naman ang hindi, 'di ba? Kawawa naman ang mga anak ko kung mawawala ako agad. Alam kong wala nang papantay sa pagmamahal at pag-aalaga na kaya kong ibigay sa kanila dahil ako ang nanay nila.

I admire our lolos and lolas... ang galing nila... and blessed, too. To be able to see your children finish their studies, pursue the things they are passionate about and have their own family... malaking blessing talaga from the Lord. I pray to be blessed with good health and long life also. Gusto ko pang mag-alaga ng mga apo. Gusto ko munang makitang okay na ang mga anak ko... may trabaho, may asawa at mga anak na mag-aalaga, maayos ang pamumuhay, etc... bago ako magpa-game over.

Please, Lord. Please, Mama Mary. Dinggin po Ninyo ang aking panalangin. I promise to be good. Susulitin ko po, promise. Maraming salamat po in advance.

I love these boys dearly. Sila ang dahilan kung bakit gabi-gabi, I pray to be blessed with good health and long life... para maalagaan ko pa sila.

I'm so senti on my first day at work after the Holy Week.

Back to Reality

5:51am - I clocked in for work today after the five-day long weekend. Where did the weekend go? *sigh*

I miss my little boy already. How can I not miss my cutiepie? Look at how adorable he is! #no1fansimommy

The weekend is never long enough. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to go to work so I can spend the whole day at home looking after my kids and our home. However, I also want to help Hubby naman sa finances ng family. Haaay, I tell myself a few years to go na lang... we'll get there. Slowly but surely.

Dear Miko, Maki and Mako,

Konting tiis pa... ma-a-achieve din ni Mommy ang goal niya for the family and she will always be at home waiting for you when you come home from school. She'll learn how to cook and prepare delicious meals for you and Daddy.

Promise ko 'yan, mga anak. Just a few more years, my boys. :)


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maundy Thursday 2012

Warning: Photo heavy post

While most people go on vacation or out-of-town (I have nothing against them), hubby and I prefer to take things easy and just spend time with the family at home (well, at least during Good Friday and Black Saturday) during the Holy Week. We both want our kids to grow up associating the Holy Week with religious activities rather than vacation (beach, resort, etc). Again, I have nothing against people who go on vacation during the Holy Week.
Ito lang ang choice namin ng asawa ko.

Maundy Thursday was Visita Iglesia time for us (me, hubby, our kids and my in-laws). We did the Stations of the Cross and visited 7 different churches from Valenzuela to Bulacan (2 stations per church). Here are some of the photos taken by my dear hubby.

Our bunso was so affected by the dramatization of the Stations of the Cross. He kept asking why Jesus had so many wounds and why Mama Mary was crying. He was asking us who inflicted Jesus Christ's wounds and why they did that to Him.

Later in the evening, on our way home, first time naman mnkakita ng mga kuya ng nagpepenitensiya (nagbubuhat ng krus at hampas-dugo).

Looking back, I think it was a good way to spend Maundy Thursday. We spent time together and prayed as a family. At the same time, the kids were able to reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

As for me, I would like to say sorry for all the things I did that I shouldn't have and for all the things I did not do that I should have.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michael and Marianne: Then and Now

Here's a picture of me and hubby years ago before we got married.

This one was taken 13 years after we said, "I do."

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last January. I'm proud to say that after 14 years, 3 kids and 40 pounds, we're still strong, happy and in-love! Thankful. Yes, I am.

PS: Yes, hubby and I love running. I will tell you more about that later. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Magnum Magnifico

A few weeks ago, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were filled with posts about Magnum. My friends in Facebook and most of the people I follow on Twitter were either excited to try the product or happy with the experience and craving for more. Because of this, my curiosity level went up. I wanted to try Magnum. #inggiteralang

The first time I went to the 711 store near our office to buy Magnum, this is what I found:

This made me want Magnum even more! I just had to try it! Rawr! The following day, I went back to the store with my fingers crossed. Lo and behold...

The Chocolate Truffle was the only flavor available. Nevertheless, I was happy because I knew that even if there were other flavors available, I would have chosen the Chocolate Truffle, anyway. I bought it for P55. A little pricey, I think, because five Magnum would already cost as much as a half gallon of ice cream. But for the experience and to appease my curiosity, I bought one. This better be good, I said to myself.

One bite and I knew why most of my friends love it. The chocolate truffle was soooo chocolatey it was a real treat for chocolate lovers like me. Imagine this... chocolate truffle in creamy chocolate-flavored ice cream covered with thick Belgian Chocolate. There, in one paragraph, I just used the word "chocolate" more than five times! Yup, real chocolatey goodness in that one Magnum bar! :)

My first Magnum experience was great so I wanted to try the other flavors as well. This was what I bought next:

Magnum Classic, to me, was not as adventurous as the Chocolate Truffle. I felt it was more on the "safe" side given that it only offered thick vanilla bar covered in Belgian Chocolate. Although more basic compared to the truffle, I still enjoyed my Magnum Classic nonetheless. In fact, some of my friends even prefer this over the Chocolate Truffle as they found the latter too sweet.

Moving forward, I found out that there were other Magnum variants and I wanted to try 'em all! Last weekend, Hubby and I went "supermarket-hopping" to look for Magnum. Our kids wanted to try the product but most stores had no stock. We found this in Mini Stop (Meycauayan).

Magnum Almond was like Magnum Classic with a twist... thick vanilla bar covered with Belgian chocolate... and almonds! Oh, the chunky almond pieces truly gave the bar a crunchy twist!

I liked all three flavors but if I were to choose which I liked best, I think it would be Magnum Almond. Why? Because it gave me a little bit of everything... thick vanilla, creamy Belgian chocolate and almonds!

Hubby and Son #1 agree with me. Son # 2, on the other hand, loves Chocolate Truffle.

Well, I think our family just started a sinful love affair with Magnum. My calorie counting was put on hold because of this. Haha! :P

Mako and the Alphabet

Here's my baby showing Mommy how well he knows the alphabet already. This video was taken when we was only three years and one month old. :)