Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Period Tracker

See that pink flower icon labeled as PT? That's an application called "Period Tracker" which I got for free. I super love this app!

Ever since I got my period, I have gotten used to marking the start and end dates on my calendar. My Mom taught me that because she said it is important for a girl to know her body. The obedient me took her advice although that time, I really didn't see the significance of knowing when your period started and ended. Basta, I just followed.

Now that I'm married, I know na so I religiously mark my calendar every month. Problem is, I usually don't bring my organizer with me. There were times when I visited my OB-Gyne and I forgot to bring those precious notes with me. Kainis di ba so when I got this Period Tracker app, I was in Cloud 9!

Here, take a look! This is what you see when you open the application. It shows you the projected start date of your next period, and reminds you how many days are left before the projected date. Tap the screen for day 1 and tap it again to mark the last day of your period. Easy! Tap on the period log if you want to see your previous cycles and tap on the calendar for details.

This is what the calendar looks like. It marks your fertile days and approximate day of ovulation. Days with the pink arrow reflects the days you had your period. Wait, there's more!

You can input notes in the calendar (e.g. intimate days, moods, body temperature, pill reminders, and symptoms), too.

Cool, right?

What's In Maan's Bag?

I love the "What's In My Bag" feature of Cosmo so, for fun, I'll share with you the contents of my Rosetti bag.

Warning: I'm not "sosyal" so don't expect expensive stuff inside my bag, okay?

Here's a picture of my brown Rosetti bag with my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer (Midnight Pomegranate in purple glow-in-the dark holder).

My phones (HTC Desire HD and Nokia E71) and "Mommy camera" (Samsung ST30)

Clinique Makeup Kit

Contents of my makeup kit: Revlon Two-Way Powder Foundation (Beyond Natural in Tawny Beige, PhotoReady in Shell), Ventolin Inhaler, Mary Kay mineral cheek color in Shy Blush, two blush brushes (Mary Kay and Estee Lauder), Revlon Matte lipstick in Fabulous Fig, Avon Glazewear Intense lip gloss in Rich Rose, Avon Simply Pretty Lip & Cheek Tint in Pink Blush, comb, CD-R King USB Drive, tweezers, 2 ponytails, brown paper bag, Paganini mirror, safety pin, mefenamic acid, and cetirizine

Pink Buxton wallet, black purse, and pink fold-a-bag

Office keys, results of my thyroid function tests and ultrasound, pens, and notekeeper

Sanicare travel tissue, hairclip, and umbrella

So there. What's in your bag? =)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happiness Means...

... Them!

(Photo was taken last May 2009)

Bakunado sa Flu!

Ako na ang nanay na praning! When it comes to my boys, I don't take chances. I go for anything and everything that will keep them healthy and boost their immune system. And so, I constantly check if they regularly take their vitamins and make sure they get all the vaccines that they need.

My boys' baby books are kept in one file envelope and I'm proud to say that they have completed all their vaccines, including those that other moms decide to skip such as the vaccine for chicken pox and flu.

Yes, my boys get their flu vaccines every year. The Kuyas usually get vaccinated around May as part of our back-to-school preparations but we had to adjust it to June or July so we can avail of the flu vaccination program being offered by the company I work for. The program started about 3 years ago and we have been looking forward to it every year because it meant more affordable flu shots for me and my boys.

This year, the flu vaccination activity was conducted last June 25 (Saturday). By 9am, all 19 of us (me, hubby, our boys, our yaya, and my in-laws) went to my office to get vaccinated. Overall, we found the event to be well-organized. Everything went smoothly and in less than one hour, all 19 of us were bakunado sa flu!

Here's a picture of son #3 and his pout after the shot. =)

It has become our practice to have a family lunch after the flu vaccination. We rarely have the chance to do this... have lunch outside, all 22 of us. Here's a photo of my hubby, my boys, and my in-laws. Lunch was at Chowking because Hubby's mom wanted to try the Chinese-style chicken. His mom takes care of all of us so anything she says gets a yes from all of us. =)

My Everything

Everything that matters to me is on this bed right now...

Being a Mommy Means Being Your Child's No. 1 Fan

Aaawww... my baby knows how to pose for the camera. Look at him make pa-cute! =)

Told Yah!

This is Hubby with son # 2. We're blessed with smart kids. Clap! Clap! Clap!

This Teenager Rocks

Son #1 graduated from grade school last April and turned 13 last May. It became official. We have a teenager in the house. Okay, I have heard (and read) stories about how challenging it is to raise a teenager so when son #1 became one, I felt I leveled up to another stage in Mommyhood.

This photo was taken during my son’s graduation. I was teary-eyed the entire time because memories of son #1’s babyhood kept flashing through my mind and I could not believe my little Miko is not-so-little anymore. *sob*

Fast forward one month, son #1 is now a freshman at a Science High School (Yah, my kids are smart. It runs in the genes. Haha!). The Dad drives him to and from school everyday while the Mom helps him with assignments every night. One team!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(Some of) Mommy's Favorite Things

Here goes another list from moi:

  • My HTC Desire HD - Got this last May 8, 2011 (Mom's Day). Hubby really loves me! I love this phone because it has a big screen, super clear resolution, perfectly sensitive touch-screen, and it gives me easy access to all the applications and sites I love (Facebook, Twitter, Friend Stream, Tumblr, Reader, and Period Tracker). Plus, it's not as expensive as the iPhone.

  • My Nokia E71 - My ever reliable Nokia phone is another gift from my Hubby (Christmas, about 5 yrs. ago). The phone is also wi-fi ready and the battery life is longer. When in a hurry to send an SMS or make a call, I reach for this phone. I also use this phone to access Sun Cellular's free Facebook access via

  • My CDR-King Music Player - All my favorite tracks are in this slim and inexpensive gadget. =)

  • My Timex Marathon Watch - I got this on sale! For a very reasonable price, I have a sports watch I can wear during runs and dress-down days.

  • My white Parker pen - A Christmas gift from a good friend, this pen is always, always in my bag. I think my handwriting looks better when I use this pen. Hahaha!

    And of course, this:

    My Samsung ST30. I call this my "Mommy camera" because:

  • It's very affordable and friendly to the family budget.

  • It's so small (the size of an average mobile phone), I can easily bring it with me and take pictures of my boys anytime, anywhere! Its size also makes it the perfect camera to bring during fun runs.

  • It's sooo girly... it comes in hot pink and with a nice-looking pouch.

    Oh, for the techies.. It's a 10-megapixel camera with a 28mm lens and a 3x power optical zoom. It also has this cool Digital Image Stabilization System which allows me to take clear pictures even during runs. It has other features but you just have to go google it because this Mommy is not as techie as you are. =)
  • Monday, June 27, 2011

    Back to Blogging

    After more than a year, I'm back. I don't know for how long, though.